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Annual General Meetings (AGM)

The Nile Basin Society is a democratic, transparent, membership-based NGO. Annual General Meetings of the membership, usually held mid-January each year is the chance for the members to:
  • have their say in the organization,
  • hold the board of directors accountable,
  • propose changes to the by-laws, and
  • Nominate themselves to the board of directors according to vacancies
An AGM is chaired by a 'Returning Officer' - a volunteer position - or the founder, if no one volunteers. A complete understanding and adherance to the by-laws is required of the Returning Officer. S/he also ensures that election/voting is democratically held. The Returning Officer receives nominations for the board as well as any procedural complaints from the members which are investigated. Lastly, s/he writes the AGM report.

Calls for the AGM and for nomination for board position together with the agenda are sent to all members by e-mail at least two weeks before the AGM.

The AGM is held virtually through the Internet and usually lasts for 2 weeks to give our diverse membership a chance to participate actively. A mailing list or a private discussion forum (which also sends e-mails of posts to all members) is used for that purpose.

A typical AGM agenda usually includes:

  • A report by the CEO about the activities during the last year and startegy for the coming year.
  • A financial statement prepared by an accountant and presented by the Treasurer for expenses during the last year
  • Reprots from the Secretary General and other board members about their activities for the organization.
  • Proposals for change of the by-laws
  • Nominations of new board members, and
  • New business: which can be any thing raised by any member

Available reports of previous AGMs:

    2nd AGM January 16-25, 2004:
    1. CEO report:
    2. Report of the AGM

    3rd AGM 14-21 February 2005:
    The 3rd AGM was held under Dr. Malik Ashaq Raza, a UN Volunteer and NBS member, as Returning Officer. The meeting was scheduled from January 24th-31th, 2005 but no quorum was achieved and the meeting was postponed to 14-21 February and was legal regardless of the number of attending members. There was many problems raised during that meeting particularly due to the resignation of the CEO and the interference of a certain appointed board member. During the February meeting, the founder asked for reports by all board members regarding their activities on behalf of the NBS. None was submitted, so the founder moved that the current board should be dissolved. The motion passed. There were 3 nominations for the board and one for the CEO. However, as two of the board nominees withdrew their nominations (one on the last day of the AGM) due to private e-mail compaign by the same appointed board member, the number of board members was less than the minimum 3 required by Industry Canada and the by-laws.

    Needless to say, the NBS is now facing a crisis. An AGM will be called for in August this year.

    Financial statements submitted to AGMs are available under funding.