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B. minutes

NBS Board Meetings

This section covers only the minutes of the first elected board 2002-2004. The minutes of the Interim Board of Directors (2001) are not published.

It should be noted that the 5th BOD meeting was actually the 11th meeting. However, no minutes are available for such meetings, or they were not held for absence of quorum. Following the 2004 elections, the Secretary General and the CEO did not call for meetings. So, there was no board meetings since then. This is why the founder moved to remove the board during the 2005 AGM. Unfortunately, no new board was elected. The private topic "Board Business" - only accessible to board members - on the discussion forum holds details of all meetings for new board members to be able to undestand what took place.

It is hoped that upcoming Board of Directors would adhere to participation in board meetings and publishing the minutes to mainatin our transparency and accountability.

The NBS is currently run by the founder. A new AGM will be called for in August 2005 to elect a new board and avoid in-fighting and conflicts of intereststhat plagued the board since 2004.

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