For just and sustainable development of the Nile

About the Nile Basin Society

The Nile Basin Society started long before it was registered with Industry Canada on May 14, 2001 as a Fedral not-for-profit corporation (i.e. NGO). The beginning was with the Nile River mailing list. Even before the Yahoo group list, the founder has been active with the site Northern Sinai Agricultural Development Program (NSADP).

With maturation, the vision was changed from a national to a regional vision and the need for ivolving other like-minded people in the activity, particularly from Nile Basin countries, became obvious.

A group of interested members from Nile River mailing list was formed and we began the process of establishing the Nile Basin Society according to a structured approach. This required, in addition to having a mission, goals & objectives, etc., the identification of stakeholders. Unlike other 'international organizations or national governments, it was realized that there are many stakeholders who are interested in Nile Basin development.

This section of the Nile Basin Society's main website includes the following information that can as well be reached through the left menu:

  • Concepts: Mission, objectives and goals, planning, stakeholders andICT-orientation
  • People: The Board of Directors, founder, members, affiliate organizations and volunteers.
  • Programs: This includes programs that were established or were abandoned, discussion forum, www4mail, establishing a regional information & communication center and Nile Radio.
  • Administrative: includes by-laws, reports of Annual General Meetings (AGM) of the members, minutes of board meetings, funding and financial statements