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NBS Activities

Current Activities:

The Nile Basin Society is currently active in the areas of:
  • Information and Communication Technologies: With the aim of capacity-building of Nile Basin organizations in the use of Internet-related technologies. We currently provide free web hosting to selected Nile Basin NGOs, including free e-mail. mailing lists, etc. We feel that such services are provided at a higher cost to Africa and we aim to act as a cost/effective hosting provider. We are also providing such technologies as Media Wiki and DotNetNuke to enable these organizations to easily build their websites with no need for extensive knowledge of web design. We are also active within the process of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) of which we are an accredited organization.
  • Partner organization in the ILRI's project in CGIAR's Challenge Program for Food and Water.
  • Lead organization in the Mountain Partnership's East Africa Initiative.
  • Lastly, we are currently trying to secure committed active members to form a new board of directors who would carry the organization objectives forward.

On-going Activities

  • Public participation in the Nile Basin Initiative: We are monitoring both the Nile Basin Initiative and the Nile Basin Discourse to make sure that the concerns and aspirations of the ordinary people and future generations are represented. We are involved in dialogue with the NBD to try to shape it to a better democratic, accountable and transparent body.
  • Information sharing about Nile Basin countries and factors affecting their development, mainly through the discussion forum.
  • Advocacy