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Nile Basin Society
Board of Directors

Currently, there is no board of directors. The 2005 AGM removed the last board but failed to elect a new one. We need committed and strong-willed people to nominate themselves to accept the challenge of running the Nile Basin Society as a regional NGO with little or no hope of funding..

Job Discription & Participation Pledge Form:

Position Title: Board Director
Length of Term:
2 years (renewable)
Time Committment: 12 hours a month minimum.

Qualifications: Good communication skills, initiative, analytical ability, decision-making and planning skills, a team player, creative problem-solver, flexible and inclusive.

Responsible to: entire Board of Directors and the entire Society.

Purpose: As a collective body, the board governs the nonprofit organization, ensures adherence to all laws, and is accountable to the public. The board has the overall responsibility for the organization and is charged with supervision and oversight.


  1. Adhere to and work towards the achievement of the vision, goals and aims of the society.
  2. Fulfill board duties and governance function.
    • Plan and position the organization for its future.
    • Engage and support the CEO, the Secretary General and the Treasurer as the executives of the organization.
    • Secure financial resources and oversee their responsible management
    • Be courteous and fair in dealing with partners, volunteers and executive officers and help them as much as possible.
  3. .Dedicate the time to do the job.
    • Attend all board and appropriate committee meetings.
    • Serve on at least one board committee in addition to a fundrasing committee.
    • Actively participate in appropriate conferences, meetings, workshops (national, regional or international)
    • Actively participate in training and capacity building.
    • Actively share in the activities of the organization, e.g. Discussion forum.
    • Share information, news and opportunities with the board and membership at large.
  4. Be willing to assume leadership positions.
  5. Prepare adequately for meetings in order to make informed decisions.

Also, as a director, we ask that you give a financial contribution that is significant to you. We also ask that you help us get corporate sponsorships and cultivate potential board members

Role and Responsibility of Nonprofit Board Members

Board members should not become involved in daily operation of a nonprofit but rather should develop the standards of organizational behavior by which operations will be conducted by senior management and others.

  • Select and evaluate a Chief Executive Officer
  • Oversee the CEO and other senior management
  • Participate in strategic planning
  • Review financial statements
  • Approve contracts and policy
  • Plan for succession including the board and senior management

A board of directors of a nonprofit corporation has a duty of care, a duty of loyalty and a duty of obedience to the organization. State laws vary and but each state specifies what it considers an acceptable level of behavior in determining if board members are acting in the best interest of the nonprofit organization.

  • A Duty of Care generally includes the discharge of duties in good faith utilizing a degree of diligence, care and skill a person of prudence would exercise under similar circumstances.
  • A Duty of Loyalty generally includes an allegiance to the organization, a level of confidentiality, a responsibility not to use position for personal gain, and an obligation to act in the best interest of the organization at all times.
  • A Duty of Obedience includes establishing the mission of the organization and remaining loyal to it, following the articles of incorporation and by-laws, and assuring the organization's compliance with law.

Every nonprofit organization must take steps to practice sound management and assure that the mission of the organization continues to advance. Be certain to obtain legal counsel to review your practices. (Source}

Eight Signs of a Good Nonprofit Board Member

  1. Attends most meetings, not just press events - This indicates interest in actually helping, not just using the board to make the resume look good. If the photographer knows your board member prefers shots from either the left or right side, they may be seeking to use the organization for publicity.
  2. Arrives on time for meetings without golf clubs - Arriving on time means they take the role seriously; leaving the clubs behind will let them concentrate on work. Cleaning clubs during the meeting could be viewed as disrespectful.
  3. Insists that meetings end as scheduled but not before they start - A valuable board members is a busy board member and timelines are essential. However, making a motion to cancel the meeting as it opens is viewed negatively.
  4. Provides direct contact information not just a fax number - This includes office, home and cell phone numbers. You would be amazed at how hard it is to explain things exclusively by fax.
  5. Avoids such conflicts of interest as a nonprofit family business - Today nonprofits need to be more cautious about conflicts of interest or even the appearance of one. If your lawyer, printer, and landlord are on the board and have the same last name as the executive director, there could be a conflict.
  6. Will attend, but not become, a special event - The board represents the organization and if they don't attend special events, they send a negative message. If they are arrested for fighting during the event, that also sends a negative message.
  7. Questions strategic direction, but not daily operations - Boards should not micro-manage. They choose the executive director, not the type of pens to use. A board member should also avoid arriving before staff to report on who was late, how long staff took for lunch and what they were wearing. Some call this stalking.
  8. Does not need to be asked before donating - Giving is important and the board sets the example. There are many ways to give including through a life-insurance policy. Pledging a $100,000 gift through a life insurance policy that can only be written after the board member loses 100lbs is hard to count toward a capital campaign, although the effort to loose weight is admirable.


Last Board of Directors: (2004-2005):

Chief Elected Officer (CEO):

PO Box 2044-00100


Fax: (+254) 20 243 983
Tel.: +(254} 72 240 7558 / +(254) 72 342 240


730-3 Greystone Walk Dr.
Toronto, ON M1K 5J4
Tel.: 1 (647) 722-3256
Fax: 1 (866) 292-6581

Secretary General:

Was vacated after resignation of Dr. Elizabeth Wickett in May 2004.


Civil Engineering Department,
Faculty of Engineering
El-Minia Univversity
Tel.: 20-50-313157

  • Mr. Alfred Balinda (Uganda), Member, National Association of Professional Environmentalists.

POBox 29909
Tel.: +256 (41) 271 270
Fax: +256 (41) 530 181

Blue Nile Falls