For just and sustainable development of the Nile

Nile Basin Society Volunteers

The Nile Basin Society, being an unfunded organization, relies heavily on volunteers. Since its inception, many excellent volunteers has contributed to its successes.

It is important to note that the board of directors are all volunteers.

Volunteer sources:

The Nile Basin Society utilizes 2 important sources for volunteers, these are:

Of course another major source is direct volunteering with us through our web sites.

Volunteers who made a difference:

The following volunteers had left their mark on the Nile Basin Society and the services it offers (at no particular order):
  • Mr. Paul Broome (7/9/1961 - 24/1/2002, Diceased), UK: One of the first volunteers and dedicated members of the Nile Basin Society. He supplied free hosting for our website(s) on his servers. Geo-Know.Net was involved in a number of cutting edge environmental and educational projects and activities, although in the main, it remains an umbrella organisation for enabling and nurturing other's efforts. It began as an idea in 1998 by Paul Broome, a radical geographer and activist who wanted to make a lasting contribution to promoting long-term capacity building for a more sustainable international development.
  • Nabil El-Khodari, Egypt, Founder, for his continuous contributions and giving.
  • Desalegn Eyob, Ethiopia, founding member and first Secretary General
  • Ibrahim Sawadogo, Yemen, UN Volunteer, Programmer (for installing the WWW4mail server).
  • Malik Ashaq Raza, India, UN Volunteer, content provider, for his postings to the discussion forum. Winner of the 2005 Online Volunteer.
  • Quinn Vallance, Canada, UN Volunteer, for acting as system administrator of our previous Linux dedicated server.
  • Dr. Awatef Hassan Shalla, Egypt, member, enough to say that without her support, the Nile Basin Society could not have lasted. Her role in the financial affairs of the organization is of utmost importance.
  • Mylene Reiners, Netherlands, UN Volunteer, for acting as moderator of the Nile River mailing list
  • Ms. Florence Santarossa, Canada, Certified Accountant, Charity Village Volunteer, for preparing the 2002-2004 financial statements and filing with Revenue Canada.
  • Mr. Jean Bigagaza, Rwanda/Burundi, Ex-Secretary General of the Nile Basin Society.
  • Dr. Mohamed El-Zeir, Egypt, committed Board member.
  • Mr. David Gates, USA, UN Volunteer, webmaster, for designing the flash content of our main page.